April Meeting – Join us 4/12/23

Please join the Southgate Neighborhood Council meeting Wednesday, April 12 at 7pm at the Talbot Event Center at NEWESD 101 (4202 S Regal St.) This is a hybrid meeting, you can join in-person or via Zoom. Use meeting ID : 849 4369 8811 and Passcode: 227495 to join. Or join by phone: (253) 215-8782.

Minutes from our March meeting (coming soon!) and the agenda for our April meeting can be viewed at our Minutes and Agendas page.

We’ll see you April 12 at 7pm at ESD 101 or via Zoom!

Would you like to be added to our email list? Send an email to southgatecouncil@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “April Meeting – Join us 4/12/23”

  1. We live on Cook St. between the Thurston and 37th. This four block street(Cook) is also known as “lets see how fast we can go these four blocks” or another “I don’t believe in intersections”. Yield is not a word I know.
    We need to make drivers aware that this is not an arterial and they need to know a blind person lives on 39th, and that children walk to Hamblein and teens walk to Ferris HS using this street.
    How do I get the city to place stop signs on Cook St. and 39 th. Who do I talk to, plead with or beg on bended knees to have this considered.
    David Adams
    3832 Cook St.

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