Twisted Willow Traffic Meeting this Wednesday

Last year developers vested a 100+ home subdivision called Twisted Willows over in Glenrose that proposed to have all the traffic enter and exit on 42nd Avenue on the east side of Southgate. They were asked by the County to redesign their plans to have traffic exiting to Glenrose (and ideally 37th Avenue as well).

There will be a new traffic impact meeting (announcement includes new plan) at 6:15pm this Wednesday, April 15th at Fire Station 81 (6117 S. Palouse Hwy.) to discuss an updated design that will have traffic entering and exiting on both 42nd and 43rd Avenues into Southgate and potentially through Trickle Creek to Glenrose.

I encourage you to look over the proposed new subdivision layout and come to the meeting to ask questions (for example):

What is the estimated amount of traffic related to this subdivision? According to 2009 data from the US Federal Highway Administration, each of these new homes could be creating 9 new car trips a day for a total of over 1,000 new vehicle trips coming into Southgate. Unless the exits to Glenrose Rd. and 37th Ave. are actually built all of those trips will be directed into Southgate and on to Havana Street.

If there are exits to Glenrose and 37th, what are the plans to improve those roads to handle the extra traffic? Currently Glenrose and 37th are built to rural county standards with no sidewalks or bike lans. The intersection of 37th and Glenrose is controlled only by a stop sign on 37th. Additionally, there is a proposed sports complex on the SW corner of Glenrose and 37th that will add even more traffic to the area, is that being considered in traffic impacts for the area?

Will the subdivision roads include sidewalks? Current County road standards require sidewalks on both sides of the road.

Why is the block of Custer Rd. from 42nd to 43rd “To Be Vacated”?

I will post a summary of the meeting after it happens Wednesday.