September SNC Materials

Check our Minutes and Agendas page for the agenda for our September meeting and the minutes from our August meeting.

There will be a presentation by the Parks Department about the planned renovation of the Southeast Sports Complex. They are seeking input on the design theme of the updated playground area and broader park. You can see an preview of the presentation here to help give you context and generate questions.

We’ll see you on September 5th at 7pm at ESD 101!

Southeast Sports Complex Renovation Update at SNC Meeting

The Parks Department will give a presentation to the Southgate Neighborhood Council next week about the proposed renovation to the Southeast Sports Complex and seek input on the design theme of the playground and park overall. The presentation will be during the regular SNC monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 5th at 7pm at ESD 101 on Regal Street.

The most recent version of the Southeast Sports Complex plan. Phase 1 focuses on the playground area.

A copy of the presentation the Parks Department gave to the Spokane Design Review Board last week explaining the scope of the project and showing their initial ideas can be seen here.

Design Review of Southeast Sports Complex Renovation

On Wednesday, August 22nd, the Spokane Design Review Board will hold a Collaborative Workshop to review the plans for Phase I of the renovations of the Southeast Sports Complex. The meeting is at 5:30pm in the Council Briefing Center at City Hall.

The Parks Department is acting on the Master Plan developed a couple years ago and includes new amenities like a splash pad, updated playground, and amphitheater/performance space. It will also coordinate with the improvements being installed as part of the KXLY development. There are some slight changes from the earlier plan, the softball fields have mostly been removed and the trail component is better defined.

You can read the submittal from the Parks Department and the report developed by City staff about the design here. Public comments will be taken in person at the Design Review Board meeting and can also be submitted to City staff Dean Gunderson or DRB Community Assembly Liaison Kathy Lang.