44th Avenue Trail and Havana Street Project

This page will be the main place to find information on the proposed 44th Avenue Trail that is being built as part of the Havana Street Water Main Project.

We had an initial presentation on the trail project by the City of Spokane Engineering Department at the monthly Southgate Neighborhood Council (SNC) meeting on November 12th. The neighborhood planning process that resulted in the concept of an East-West Connector along 44th Avenue was reviewed in a presentation by the current chair of the SNC. While much of the conversation at the meeting centered around the trail, it’s important to remember that the water main part of the project will being around the 1st of December. We will continue to discuss the specifics of the trail over the next few months and will provide timely updates via this website and our social media channels as we get them from the city.

A big part of the trail development process moving forward is to hear neighbor’s comments and the city has provided two ways to give feedback (support, design ideas, and concerns) directly to them: 1) Email the city’s contact person for this project, Julie Happy, at jhappy@spokancity.org and 2) Submit comments on the project to the 44th Avenue Trail Blog Post on the city’s website.

To stay connected to the latest updates and news on the project progress, I would suggest you connect to SNC via our website (you can sign up for email updates on the homepage) or follow one (or all) of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, or Nextdoor). Lastly, you can join the SNC email list by sending an email request to southgatecouncil@gmail.com. This topic will certainly be on the SNC meeting agenda every month between now and the completion of the project, so I encourage you to attend our monthly meetings (2nd Wednesday of each month, 7pm at ESD 101 on Regal Street).

Project Materials

SNC Presentation on Neighborhood Planning and E/W Connector

City Staff Presentation on 44th Avenue Trail Project

City Blog Post on 44th Avenue Trail

City Blog Post on Havana Street Water Main Project

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