Neighborhood Planning


Southgate’s neighborhood planning efforts date back to 2008 when the Neighborhood Council, in conjunction with the Office of Neighborhood Services and EWU’s Advanced Community Development Class, held a workshop to establish neighborhood planning priorities and vision. Over the course of three years a group of neighborhood stakeholders worked with city representatives and AHBL to distill those priorities and vision into actionable plans.

Two documents were developed and presented to the CIty in 2011: the Southgate Neighborhood Transportation and Connectivity Plan (with detailed plan maps) and the Southgate Parks and Open Space Element. These plans were adopted in a non-binding resolution by the CIty Council in January 2012.

Recent neighborhood planning efforts have focused on the implementation of these plans in ongoing city and private projects such as the completion of 44th Avenue from Regal to Freya, the repaving of Crestline Avenue, and the development of the Southgate District Center.

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