Another Notice of Community Meeting for Freya Assisted Living Project

Southgate has received a notice that another group is proposing to develop an assisted living facility at 44th Avenue and Freya and the developer will be holding a Community Meeting on Tuesday, April 11th at 5:30pm at the Southside Community Center.

This new project is being called Fieldstone Memory Care and the site plan shared with the City at a pre-development meeting in December shows a 39,000 sq.ft. single story building with three smaller 5300 sq.ft. bungalows being built along the 44th Avenue trail on the north side of the property.

Pre-development notes from the City show the development will include 60 beds (a decrease from previous proposals). They City also indicates that they want the developers do construct full right-of-way improvements including curb, sidewalk, and pedestrian buffers along Freya. They are also encouraging the project to connect to the 44th Avenue Trail as an amenity for their residents.

This site is currently zoned as single-family residential, but it did have a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) granted in 2008 allowing development of assisted care facilities. That original CUP expired, so these developers would have to re-apply for a new Conditional Use Permit. As with previous proposals for this site, there will have to be extensive geotechnical and grading work done to make the site useable as indicated in the site plan.

KXLY Design and Environmental Review

The KXLY Development in the Southgate District Center has two different review deadlines coming up this week.

On Wednesday, March 22nd the City’s Design Review Board will hold a “recommendation meeting” of the project at 5:30pm at City Hall where the developers will present their responses to the initial design review back in February. You can see the updated design here (warning: large 150MB file). The biggest changes are enhanced pedestrian connections between the development and the park, inclusion of infrastructure for STA’s new High Performance Transit stops along Regal, addition of a mid-block pedestrian crossing on Regal between the new development and the Target site, and better screening of the south side of the proposed grocery store. Feel free to take a look and send your comments in to Julie Neff at the City Planing Department.

On Thursday, March 23rd the agency comment period for the KXLY project SEPA Application closes. The SEPA Application is where we can comment on issues like traffic impacts and stormwater management. The SEPA Application references a Traffic Operation Study submitted to the City in December that covers trip generation and Level of Service (LOS) for roads around Southgate before and after the project. The traffic study says the project will add 12,625 ADT to Regal Street bringing the total trips on that section of Regal up to 28,525 ADT when added together with existing trips from the City of Spokane Traffic Volume Map. That total doesn’t include trips generated by the new Maverik gas station or the proposed Regal Commons project. The SEPA application also covers potential stormwater impacts, so you can review that information as well. You can submit your comments on this SEPA Application to John Halsey at the City of Spokane Planning Department.

This SEPA comment period is the agency comment period for this project. There will be another public comment period after the developer responds to the agency comments. Recent updates to the Spokane Municipal Code for neighborhood notification means that neighborhoods now get notified during the agency comment period instead of having to wait for the public comment period, but you can comment in both.

Things are moving fast with the weather improving. Make yourself heard before it’s too late.

KXLY Development Scheduled for Design Review

Update: Here are SNC’s comments that will be submitted to the Design Review Board. Please feel free to use them to craft your own comments. Get your comments in ASAP!

KXLY is moving forward with their plans to develop their property in the Southgate District Center in 2017. They submitted their draft site plan and designs to the City’s Design Review Board (DRB) last month and are scheduled to have a public hearing with the DRB at 5:30pm on Wednesday, January 25th in the City Council Briefing Room at City Hall.

This review process is part of the Developer’s Agreements that the District Center developers signed in 2009 to guide the creation of a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use shopping district in the heart of the Southgate Neighborhood. Part of that agreement was to have their site proposals be reviewed by the Design Review Board for conformance with the City’s Center and Corridor Design Guidelines as well as the Southgate District Center Integrated Site Plan (ISP). The DRB hearing is open to the public and there is an opportunity for public comment as well. If you can’t make it you can send your comments to the City liaison to the Design Review Board, Julie Neff at and they will be presented to the DRB.

This review is an important part of the development process because it offers a chance for the neighborhood to make sure the proposed development meets the intent of the area’s designation as a District Center. Namely that it offer a variety of uses (retail, commercial, residential) that are designed to emphasize pedestrian and non-motorized use and offering opportunities for neighborhood residents to live, work, and play in a safe and inviting environment. When all 45 acres of our District Center are built out the result should be more like Kendall Yards, Garland, and Perry than North Division, Sullivan, or East Sprague.

KXLY Preferred Site Plan

When you look at the plans you’ll notice they are only reviewing the developments along Regal Street, the western buildings will apparently be part of a separate design review when they apply for those permits in the future. There are no tenants named yet, but the main building on the south edge is designated as a grocery store. There is also a single drive-thru restaurant depicted on the north side by the park.

Please take a look at the attached site plan and send your thoughts to the City. If you have any questions about the site plan, please email us at