3 thoughts on “August 2015 Meeting Materials”

  1. It would be nice to have a discussion about how the traffic on Havana and 37th is going to be diverted onto Freya and around to Glenrose once the Havana project gets underway in earnest this month. Thsi will be a huge issue when school begins. Unfortunately, this also means that cars will be going down Cuba, (to the West of Havana) which is a dirt road in order to by pass construction and the recommended routes. Those living on this street already see 700 cars a day and privately pay to oil the road. The EPA said that there will not be any watering or additional oiling on Cuba during this project.

    1. Lisa, I agree that we should get an indication from the city what their proposed detour routes are and then see if we can work with the city engineering dept or Spokane police to get it enforced. I have a call in to the Construction Services group to get an updated timeline and more specific detour info. I hope to present that at the meeting tomorrow, but I will also post an update here on the website. – TT.

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