Comment Period Open for “Palouse Trails Apartments”

There is a new 114-unit apartment complex being proposed for Southgate and the SEPA comment period is open till Wednesday, September 23rd. The Palouse Trails Apartments are designated low-income housing with all the units being available for people making 50% the local median income. It is being developed by Whitewater Creek, the same group that is developing the 360 apartment units on 55th Avenue. It is projected that this project will generate 758 new trips on Palouse Hwy. with 60% headed toward Regal Street and 40% going towards Freya Ave.

Palouse Trails - Site Plan

The SNC Land Use Committee submitted comments related to project connectivity and possible impacts to the Palouse Hwy. Crosswalk project that will connect Copper Hill and Clareview to the Target site. The developers responded to our comments by saying they will continue the 12′ wide bike/pedestrian trail that runs along the north side of the Target site for the full length of their project’s frontage. I encourage neighbors to look at the project’s SEPA application and site plan (see above) and submit their own comments to the city. Comments can be sent to John Halsey at the City of Spokane at If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will try to address them.

4 thoughts on “Comment Period Open for “Palouse Trails Apartments””

  1. Has any consideration been given to ‘open-space’ recreational opportunities adjacent to this project given the population density of Copper Hill, Clare View South and potential contiguous developments? Viz: Copper Hills teen-agers have a 20′ strip of lawn on the west side of their apartments while there languishes vacant acres and acres of undeveloped real estate on the ‘Little Maverick’ property. Go figure.

  2. Please, please, please – no more apartments. Developers keep putting up more apartments. They make their money and leave the residents on the east side of the South Hill with terrible traffic jams, over crowded schools and increased crime. The dozens of apartments being built on 55th are ENOUGH!!! Somebody, please listen. I feel I have no control and nobody is listening. Please prove me wrong.

    1. Judy, we are watching what plans people are making. Based on what I can see, there is only one more piece of property in Southgate that is zoned for multi-family residential, that is the parcel next to these apartments with the radio station on it. Everything else in our neighborhood is single family residential or some form of commercial zoning. Out in the County just south of these apartments, there is still a lot of open land that could be zoned any number of ways. We will try to keep everyone aware of what is going on, but the best thing you can do is comment on these projects when the opportunity presents itself, we may not be able to stop them, but we may be able to blunt their impact on our neighborhood through mitigation processes. Thanks for your comment, sorry for such a late reply.

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