Update: New Site Plan for Former South Regal Lumber Site

Developer Cyrus Vaughn presented a new site plan for the development on the former South Regal Lumber site (now being called Regal Commons) to the Southgate Neighborhood Council meeting on January 13th. The revised site plan and renderings still show a 30,000 sqft. “grocery” store as the largest building on the site. The new renderings also show a multi-story office building on the NE corner of the site as well as two drive-thru restaurants on the corners along Regal Street.

A KXLY reporter was on hand to produce a story about rumors of a Whole Foods being the grocery tenant, however the developer and his representatives would not reveal the name of the main tenant only referring to them as a “natural grocer.”

Rendering of proposed development looking east from Regal Street towards Brown's Mountain.
Rendering of proposed development looking east from Regal Street towards Brown’s Mountain.

The developers provided a packet of information to attendees with these renderings and an email from the Spokane City Planning Department. Questions from the audience centered mostly on traffic impacts of the project, the lack of pedestrian orientation of the buildings along Regal Street and of the project overall given the 12 apartment communities within a quarter mile of the site. Additional comments were also given about the proposed traffic light at 53rd Ave and how it may be more appropriate to have that located at 55th Avenue since it is a through street running from Palouse Hwy. clear to Crestline St. The developers didn’t have any direct answers to these questions, but instead said these were things that would be studied and considered as the developers went through the SEPA and building permit processes after the annexation. As we mentioned in the previous post on this topic, the zoning given to the site in the annexation process will have ramifications on whether or not this development is more auto or pedestrian oriented.

Another view of the proposed development looking NE.
Another view of the proposed development looking NE.
The revised site plan produced by project architect Nystrom Olson.
The revised site plan produced by project architect Nystrom Olson.

On Friday, the City released the hearing schedule for the annexation proposal that will bring this property into the city. There will be two presentations to the City Council in briefing sessions: Monday, January 25th at 3:30pm in City Council Chambers and Thursday, January 28th at 3:30pm in the Council Briefing Center. The public can attend these events, but not public comments will be taken. Public comment can be given on Monday, February 8th at the City Council Meeting at 6pm in the City Council Chambers when the Council considers a resolution to set the final hearing date.  That final hearing date is tentatively set for Monday, March 14th at the City Council meeting.

If you have thoughts about the development and the proposed zoning of the annexed land, I encourage you to contact your City Council members by phone or email or come down and give testimony and comments at the hearings on February 8th or March 14th.


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