Community Meeting Scheduled for Proposed Assisted Living Facility on Freya Street

Last week a Notice of Community Meeting was posted on the property of the formerly proposed Extendicare Assisted Living property on the east side of Freya at 44th Avenue. The meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, May 3rd at the Southside Senior Center (3151 E. 27th Avenue).

The developers are applying for a Conditional Use Permit to build a complex of 5 assisted living residential homes called Seasons on the South Hill. According to discussions with the City Planning Department, each “house” will have 16 beds for a total of 80 residents plus staff.  The applicants already operate a similar facility in Idaho called The Renaissance at Coeur d’Alene.

Assisted Living site plan April 2016

This site is zoned Single-family Residential and was subject to an approved Conditional Use Permit back in 2008 that has since expired. The plan at that time was to build a large multi-story assisted living facility on the property. This new proposal seeks to get the same use approved, but the scale has been shrunk (80 residents vs. 120). According to the Planning Staff there will be no new SEPA application or traffic study since they were done for the previous Conditional Use Permit and the proposed use is the same, but at a reduced scale (hence less environment/traffic impact).

The proposed site plan from 2008.
The proposed site plan from 2008.

If you look at the site plan you can see that they have retained a buffer between the new 44th Avenue Trail and the nearest proposed building. They are also going to make frontage improvements along Freya Street that will include sidewalks and planting strips. These details will likely be shown in more detail at the Community Meeting and after a scheduled Pre-Development Meeting between the developer and the City scheduled for April 28th.

We will keep you posted on more information as we get it. For now, you can make comments about the project to the applicant Valerie Glauser via email or at 208-964-1664. You can also contact the City and speak to Donna deBit.

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