Comments Requested for Gas Station on Regal Street

Back in April we posted about a gas station being planned for the corner of 44th and Regal Street. The developer has now submitted their State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) Application and the  City is accepting public comments on the proposal. The comment period is open until Friday, August 26th and you can send your comments via email to Donna DeBit at the City Planning Department:

A preliminary site plan for a gas station at 44th Ave. and Regal Street.
A preliminary site plan for a gas station at 44th Ave. and Regal Street.

You can review the SEPA Application here. It discusses potential impacts on the air, water, and land. It also covers impacts on transportation and surrounding services. I have also uploaded the Trip Generation Letter so you can see it as well.

Southgate Neighborhood Council has already submitted comments on this project during the Agency Comment Period that just closed yesterday. I have posted our comments here for you to review. The convered three main areas: 1) Review of the site plan and project design in accordance to an existing Hearing Examiner decision in effect on this property from 1997. 2) Concerns about placing a fuel station adjacent to a Department of Natural Resources identified stream and placing underground tanks below the water table as well as meeting additional conditions for stormwater management from the 1997 Hearing Examiner decision. 3) Concerns about the addition of a projected 5,400 daily vehicles trips on Regal Street an the impact to the broad transportation network around Southgate and Moran Prairie given the marked increase in high impact development in our neighborhood over the past few years.

We will post a summary of our submitted comments later this weekend to help you craft your own comments, but we wanted to let people know about this comment period right away.

4 thoughts on “Comments Requested for Gas Station on Regal Street”

  1. Very concerned, as are many about traffic on Regal the more businesses that keep opening. Just wondering also, why is there a need for a second gas station?? There is a Conoco right across the street. I don’t think this is going to help our community in anyway like other smaller businesses could.

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