New Sushi Restaurant Coming to Regal Street

The Village at Regal Pond will soon have a new sushi restaurant. Izumi Sushi has pulled permits for an interior remodel and new sign for the former Wheat Montana/West Wing/Cafe Italiano restaurant location.

Inland Northwest Business Watch reported in August that they had applied for a liquor license. The City issued the permits for remodeling on October 17th.

One thought on “New Sushi Restaurant Coming to Regal Street”

  1. Any chance to have one of the new developments along Regal be designed more like the “issaquah Gilman village” ? Has the concept been brought up? Much nicer for the community than a “northpoint (industrial/strip mall) shopping complex. Also, brings in more fun shops, eateries, etc. The walking concept (still has parking for the destination or quick stop shopper, but not the main focus) fits more with the original area design than the “target” type we are getting….

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