Ray-Freya Crossover Alternatives Meeting

The City of Spokane will host an online public meeting to discuss options to address transportation needs in the area of 37th Avenue and Ray, 37th Avenue and Freya and around Ferris High School. The project is called the Ray-Freya Alternatives Analysis

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 5:30 p.m. for citizens to learn more. Direction on how to access the meeting will be found on the City’s web site.

The Ray-Freya Alternatives Analysis is looking at options to replace a project concept called the Ray-Freya Crossover that was removed from City street plans in 2017. The Ray-Freya Crossover would have moved traffic from Ray at 37th to Freya, running near Ferris High School, and was designed to ease traffic congestion. City staff is looking at other transportation improvements that could streamline traffic flow in the area.

Citizens also can learn about the project on the City’s web site. There, citizens will find a project background, a link to a project Storymap and public Survey, along with details about the upcoming meeting.

One thought on “Ray-Freya Crossover Alternatives Meeting”

  1. Thank you and please keep me on the mailing and member list.      cathy baldwin   prairiem88@yahoo.com 

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