City of Spokane Housing Survey

From the City of Spokane: We are thrilled to announce that our survey asking about Your Housing Journey has been published online and is now available for anyone to fill it out.  This survey will do two great things:

  1. It will help us understand each person’s housing journey, needs, and experiences; and
  2. Some of you who respond to the survey will be invited to a focus group process that will help us understand the community’s vision and desire for housing choice and diversity in the future.

Early responders to the survey will also receive a small thank you from us for your time and expertise.   

If you’re willing, we are asking all of you to take 10-15 minutes of your time and fill out this survey.  Please also help us spread this as far and wide as possible by sharing this email with your members, neighbors, and friends.  Anyone who is curious about the City’s efforts to respond to the ongoing housing crisis and to make residential choice a reality for more people is encouraged to go to our project website at:

There you will find links to the survey in seven different languages, information about the ongoing Building Opportunity for Housing project, and connect with our excellent team of planners working hard to make the lives of Spokane residents better.  The individual survey links are here as well:

Click here to access the survey in English

Click here to access the survey in Spanish

Click here to access the survey in Russian

Click here to access the survey in Arabic

Click here to access the survey in Vietnamese

Click here to access the survey in Tagalog

Click here to access the survey in Marshallese

As always, anyone interested in this project is encouraged to contact us at or online at  Thanks and have a terrific day!

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