Disposal Passes Available Now

Southgate residents can request a disposal pass to the Waste to Energy Facility at 2900 S. Geiger Blvd through the City’s Neighborhood Clean-up Program. Visit https://my.spokanecity.org/neighborhoods/programs/clean-up/  to sign up for pass. You will need to sign in to your MySpokane account (utility billing account). Once you request a pass, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem the pass. A limited number of paper passes are available at COPS shops.

The passes, which cover up to $25 in tipping fees, are designed to help residents remove extra waste by distributing vouchers to the Waste to Energy facility. The program, which went digital in 2021, is a partnership between the Office of Neighborhood Services and Department of Solid Waste Collection.

Residents are responsible for any fees in excess of the $25 disposal pass. Passes have no cash value and can’t be carried over to additional vehicles or trips. Businesses, organizations and schools are not eligible.

Passes need to be applied for at least two weeks in advance of when the requester would want to use it as there is processing time.

Combined loads can’t be separated by type in regard to fees. If you bring a combination of yard waste, recycling and garbage in one vehicle load, it will all be charged as general garbage.

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