Southgate Spring Clean Up – April 28

This is a FREE curbside collection for the Southgate Neighborhood
in addition to the regular garbage pickup. Brown cart (standard garbage) items are eligible for this event. Blue & green cart waste are not eligible for this event.

**Get ready for the Spring pickup by reviewing the guidelines below!**

All items must be on the front curb by 7 a.m. on Thu. Apr. 28, even if your usual pickup is in the alley behind your home. If you do not want to participate then please move your automated carts off the street to facilitate speedy collection.

You may only put out TWO items (combining cans, carts &/or bundles)

Accepted:All items must be in standard 32-gallon cans or automated carts or any size, boxes, bags or bundles. Accepted: small appliances (toasters, microwaves, blenders, etc.), up to 2 tires, standard brown cart waste items.

Any receptacle other than 32-gallon cans or automated carts may be considered trash, and requests for replacement will not be recognized.

Not Accepted:No big blue cart (recyclable) materials, including batteries. NO ITEMS OVER 85 LBS. No large appliances or oversized items.

The City reserves the right to refuse to haul anything considered dangerous, hazardous, toxic, corrosive, or reactive including but not limited to items that contain Freon, fluorescent lighting tubing, compact fluorescent light bulbs or any other mercury-containing lights, and paint.

Not Accepted: Electronics such as TVs, computers, monitors, DVD players and E-readers can be dropped off with participants in the E-Cycle Washington program. Visit or call 1-800-RECYCLE for more information.

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